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Thread: Side Marker Lights as Directional Indicators

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    The problem I ran into was LED's in the front and rear would all but kill side marker illumination (I am still running incandescents in the side markers because I like the way they look better) -- nothing but a faint glow.

    Since all of my exterior lights are on relays there's no problem burning my front markers as incandecents for hours on end, even with 2357 bulbs in the sockets (slightly more than 8 watts through the small element). Turn signal elements are of course momentary.

    Bill Robertson

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    I recently ran into a mysterious problem with my parking lights. As it turned out, one of the LED units had gone bad and was allowing some current to feed back, making all of the other lights very dim. When I pulled the bad unit, everything went back to normal.

    In the meantime, the exact same thing happened when I pulled one of the LED ba7s from the HVAC panel illumination: the glass came off, and the circuit board shorted itself out against the metal container.

    It seems that you have to choose your poison: higher-current-drawing incandescents, or more-fragile-than-you-think LEDs.

    I think the best solution would be to use a relay like Bill said. That way you don't have to worry about how much current is going through the switch. That's my opinion, anyway.
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    One of these days I want to try to source 194 sockets to fit our side markers. I am already running generic BA9 sockets up front (you have to add your own ground wire).

    Bill Robertson

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