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Thread: A/C Evaporator Box Drain

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    A/C Evaporator Box Drain

    The stock evaporator box drain elbow is prone to clog (so is this mod, but it is removable for cleaning...).

    The stock evaporator box elbow is hard plastic and can not be removed with the evaporator box in place, so there is no way to clean it out without tearing the entire dashboard apart.

    This mod is flexible and can be removed with a straight blade screwdriver. Reinstallation is reverse of procedure.






    Bill Robertson

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    Part # for a plug boot that fits? Or info on where to get it?

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    Coil boot (not distributor cap boot -- ID is too small).

    Even Dave McKeen approves of this mod.

    Bill Robertson

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    Not only do I appove this mod but I also added some tubing so it drains below the frame.

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    hey Dave, welcome to the forum!
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    Man we are getting some serious gurus on here. Welcome to the forum Dave. I think we are at 44 members and once we reach 50 the give aways begin. I'm gonna go broke. lol

    Anyway, back on topic. I did this mod a few years back and am pleased to say it has been working fine. In fact, a few weeks ago I noticed water was dripping from my evaporator to the floor. I went on the passenger side, removed the spark plug boot with my bare hands, cleaned the gunk out of it, and the drip was gone. The whole thing took me less than 5 minutes. I never could have cleaned it so quickly had I done this by the book.

    Thanks Bill. Incidentally, my car is currently running freon from Big Lots.
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    Be very careful with Big Lots Made in USA freon. It is much more powerful than the Made in China freon you are used to buying. Risk of hypothermia goes up exponentially. I accidentally turned a woman into a pillar of ice like Lot's wife when I opened the door next to her too quickly.

    Bill Robertson

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    Welcome Dave - good to see you over here!

    +1 on the mod and Dave's extension tube!

    Finally, USA freon rules!
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    --Josh S.

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    Welcome aboard, Dave!
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    Bill, what type of foam is that on the evaporator box? I need some for my car.

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