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Thread: Custom Tail / Brake Lights

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    Custom Tail / Brake Lights

    Pictures speak for themselves:


    Positions 2 and 4 are retrofitted 1157 sockets:

    312032_266947050017219_298113238_n.jpg 299700_267066710005253_819864422_n.jpg

    Note the custom convex reflector at position 3 (lined with chrome tape, thank you very much, as are the sides).

    Turn signals are still incandescent because my 4 way flasher mod didn't work with LED's, even with an electronic flasher module.

    Backup lights are modified 2356's (about 32 total watts with both elements burning):

    548364_364872896891300_1603876104_n.jpg 548364_364872903557966_1723754490_n.jpg

    IMHO LED's are great to be seen, but inadequate for illumination to see things (color spectrum produced is too narrow).

    Bill Robertson

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    That's a pretty nice set up Bill!

    What does your 4-way flasher mod entail exactly, if you don't mind me asking?
    "You can never use too much anti-seize!"

    --Josh S.

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    Double checked total wattage of my 2357 backup bulbs while making a Midnight munchie run to Wally World: 36.8 watts with both elements burning.

    Bill Robertson

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