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Thread: The Sonny V Saga

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    Quote Originally Posted by Totally 80's View Post
    If I remember correctly didn't James sign his name to one of the Sonny V posts by mistake? It was the goof that alerted members.
    Never heard that one, though I could definitely see that happening.

    As far as I'm aware, someone looked at the IP address of the account from which the posts were being made and traced it back to a computer terminal located within DMCH's Humble, TX, headquarters.

    Though, I admittedly didn't actually follow these events myself as they occurred, nor did I confirm the IP trace - my info comes solely from hearsay, thus it may be correct, or it could all be a steaming pile of crapola generated by the great internet rumor mill.
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    The full details are on the DML, but are difficult to compile.
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