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Thread: Change Transaxle Output Shaft Lip Seals

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    Cross foot on my impact worked for all the bolts but one. I suppose I have to use heat but hate to do that so close to the tranny.

    Josh, why did you remove the split pin on the parking brake? I'm guessing your parking brakes do not hold.
    Dave M vin 03572

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    Nice write up!

    One question:
    "Step 18: ... Be sure that you position the pin so that the split is facing outwards towards the wheel, as opposed to inwards towards the transaxle." Why???
    ...I assume you want to prevent lubricant from the trans from
    flowing along the splines, into the split, through the pin and onto the ground?? If so, it wouldn't help because oil would just come in from the other end, indicating that something is wrong involving the o-ring (installed in Step 10) I.E. there should be no lube inside the flange...

    Or, am I missing something else?
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