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Thread: Hydraulic System Pressurized Bleeder w/ DeLorean Specific Caps

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    Just finished some front end brake work on my Blue & White Lincoln, so I took a picture of my one person brake bleeder before pouring it out:


    I assure you: it works.

    Bill Robertson

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    Just did a complete R&R on the Blue Truck's rear brakes, which of course necessitated bleeding them (new wheel cylinders).

    I keep telling you Boo Boo's: one man brake bleeders work like a charm:


    Bill Robertson

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    Drum brakes suck.
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    Buy a spring tool. Makes life *MUCH* easier:

    Bill Robertson

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevedmc View Post
    Drum brakes suck.

    Driving through high water and losing your brakes keeps things exciting though
    Bungee Cup Holder Guru

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    You do need to adjust them after putting the drum back on....

    Bill Robertson

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