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Thread: Coolant Flush and Refill Procedure To Avoid Bleeding

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    Quote Originally Posted by content22207 View Post
    Yet another Lotus bright idea that works theoretically on paper but fails in real world use.

    If the factory radiator bleeder did work in real life you wouldn't have owners pulling hoses off to bleed the radiator manually, David Teitelbaum included.

    Bill Robertson
    The increase in front end ride height may have prevented the theory from functioning efficiently in actual use. That's why I jack the rear end up - seems to give it that little push that it needs

    I've never touched the rad hoses, which are still OEM Dunmurry
    "You can never use too much anti-seize!"

    --Josh S.

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    Surely original owners drove downhill at some point in the 1980's....

    Factory design doesn't work no matter how the car is pointed. That's a primary reason so many DeLoreans overheated when new.

    Bill Robertson

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