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Thread: Gullwing Mag article on recovering seats

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    Gullwing Mag article on recovering seats

    Nevermind, found it. If anyone else needs it let me know.

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    IIRC, some of the newer tricks for recovering seats are missing from that article, such as:
    - Plastic bags inside the headrests
    - Zip ties at the necks
    - Using zip ties to pull bolster shaping rods through the foam

    Bill Robertson

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    I can't wait to put my new seat skins on! Gotta get her leak proof first and get the interior in and ain't no silicone gonna cure in this weather.
    Now we’ve had just ‘bout enough of that !

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    That article is different from the one I remember, which was black & white IIRC.

    It has the zip tie tricks, which work great. One coveat: if your rubber seat bottom has started to tear, you won't be able to use fender washers. Ran into that on #5939 and had to make a larger metal plate from a piece of sheet metal the shop happened to have on hand (I recovered my seats at a DMA Spring Social). When we recovered Louie Jugeau's seats last fall I made metal plates for all of them just in case (his rubbers were all fine).

    I also recommend putting a plastic shopping bag over the headrest foam. Seat cover slips right over. Fit is *SO* tight you'll never know the plastic bag is in there. Tom Neiland introduced me to that trick.

    And use zip ties as handles to pull the back bolster ribs through the foam -- makes it much easier. You'll still fasten them with hog rings -- zip ties are only for pulling the ribs through the foam.

    Bill Robertson

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    Also using a zip tie gun makes the necks easier.

    Bill Robertson

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