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Thread: How to Locate TDC and Reset Timing Scale

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    Hey, will this work on the standard DMC (B28f) 2.8 PRV too?


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    Quote Originally Posted by content22207 View Post
    For real excitement you should try timing vintage domestic vehicles with the timing mark on the harmonic balancer. The outer ring slips with age. On my truck with 230,000 miles the mark doesn't even point at anything meaningful anymore (Cylinder 5 IIRC). I just time it by ear.

    Speaking of which: even though we have single piece crank pulleys, DeLorean owners should still exercise caution timing their engines. Do not blindly assume that the scale is correct (can I hear an "Amen" Louis?).

    Bill Robertson
    AMEN Bill ! Now that my timing is right, well, much better than it was originally, I don't even think the mark is on the scale at all! My timing was adjusted by ear by a Delorean Mid-Atlantic member who's name escapes me, as many things do. He was very, very nice though, unlike some other members I've met. It was at a spring social, fall foliage tour, or a summer fun run, I don't even remember what time of year it was now. Man, I'm burnt! I guess "toast" is a good name for me after all. All the bong resin in my brain has coated my nerves. But that's all behind me now. I swore it all off.
    Bill might remember his name, Bill's memory is like a republican elephant. All that Diet CheerWine must clean out the neurons or something.
    Now we’ve had just ‘bout enough of that !

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    5/16 drill bit (regular length) before dropping into index hole:


    5/16 drill bit (regular length) in the index hole:


    Same procedure using a 7mm allen wrench with the water pump in place (drill bit won't clear the heater core return -- note hose clamp also removed for clearance):


    Bill Robertson

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