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    Bill Robertson Movie Club

    The Bill Robertson Movie Club selection of 2013 is "Harold and Maude" from 1971.

    Upon discovering that Netflix did not have the movie available for immediate streaming, Bill Robertson sent me a new copy from Amazon.

    I found the movie to be very likeable, and actually stands the test of time. It references computer dating, of all things. The soundtrack is mostly songs from the pre-jihadi Cat Stevens, and are great. (I just happened to have my newly-installed wood-encased early 70s "Sansui" amp installed with bookshelf speakers which was entirely appropriate.) Automotively, the movie features a powder blue Beetle, a 1959 Caddy Hearse and a Jaguar E-type later converted to a hearse.

    I won't give any spoilers in case anyone wants to watch it, but it reminded me of a famous advice attributed to Ben Franklin on the subject of young men coupling with old women:

    This movie is available to be mailed free of charge to any DMCTODAY member in good standing as long as you agree to pass it forward when you're done.
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    "It's a very common neurosis when the male child subconsciously wants to sleep with his mother. What puzzles me is you want to sleep with your grandmother."

    Bill Robertson

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