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Thread: Spec .01 Dual Exhaust

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    Are you sure a 2" flare will fit? That's a 2" flare I was holding in my hand. My manifolds are something like 1.5" (I'll measure them tomorrow).

    #2508 is in a massive holding pattern. There are several projects in line ahead of it. When I finally do put it on the road, I may install Jeff Dickey's old 3.0 instead of the 2.8 block I pulled out. It has good exhaust stud holes the whole way round.

    #5939 is running 7mm carbon studs with stainless nuts & washers (1/8" thick). It also has one 7mm stainless stud I made as an experiment.

    Bill Robertson

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    Yup, they fit. See pics.

    I think for simplicity I will just buy DMCH studs, nuts and washers. 7mm is such a PITA to procure.

    What did you do for gaskets?
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    Either your manifolds are different from mine, or you don't have a 2" flare.

    Flare is about 1/2" wider than the tubing, so it's physically impossible for a 2" flare to fit my manifolds -- outer diameter of the manifold mating surface itself is 2":

    2InchFlarePeugeot.jpg PeugeotFlare.jpg

    Irrespective, you don't use gaskets with flare matings like these -- flare itself forms the seal, just like a brake line fitting.

    Bill Robertson

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    Different pipes. This is what I got, and as you can see from the pictures, fits fine.

    I realize they don't use a gasket, thanks. I was referring to the manifold to the block..... but since you haven't put those headers on, I'm guessing you don't have the answer. Thanks anyway.
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    Those adapters step down, so they aren't a 2" manifold mating -- I'm guessing somewhere between 1.5" and 1.75".

    Just use standard PRV exhaust manifold gaskets. #5939 has a pair of Hervey's stainless gaskets, but he doesn't sell those anymore. I bought fiber gaskets from Midwest for #2508.

    Bill Robertson

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    Hey Bill, while I wait for DMCH to get the exhaust manifold gaskets in stock (they've got 1 model to support, how tough can it be to manage inventory?), I need to now order the tubing. I have the cats & mufflers hanging nicely. I'm looking at McMaster C. and the 304 SS only comes in 2" and 2.25" ID sizes. I measure the need for 2.125" (the OD of the manifold adapters and the cat ins). In reading your previous post, you state that twisting the tubing expands or contracts it a bit. Would I be able to get 1/8" of diameter? IE, if I buy the 2" and twist it, will it expand to 2 1/8" and fit snugly? It beats buying the 2 1/4" and having it loose!
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    Im very impressed if Bill's flex tubing has lasted this long, leak-free. Toby told me it would leak at DCS 2004.

    Have you had to wrap much tape around it, Bill????

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    It's stainless steel -- why would it leak?

    Mufflers themselves are plain carbon -- I am pleasantly surprised they've lasted this long.

    Bill Robertson

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    Bill i think Spittybug would like an answer also.

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    Indeed I would.
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