Shipping rate will be from 28027.

Mixture Unit $125
Butterfly Valve $100
DS Drop glass frame $45 not scratched$25 scratched
Graining wheel $180
Brand new blower motor $25
Fuel tank baffle $20
Misc brackets $5each
Pipe $20
Engine bay vacuum Bezel PN105710 $70
Engine cover grill retaining strips $10 for 19, $5 for shorter
New Reverse Switch $10
Door lock switch $10
Saturn mirror switches $10each
Brand New stainless clutch line $70
Marker lights $10each
Passenger side mirror blank PN106249 $15
Bellcrank with wire $15
Bellcrank no wire $10
Door locks $5each
Door rods $5 each
Recall bracket set $50
Fan Shroud $30

parts 6.JPGparts 4.JPGparts 3.JPGparts 2.JPGparts 1.JPGfan shroud.JPG