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Thread: Care and Maintenance of your Delorean during times of the Wu Tang Corona Virus

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    Wu Tang Corona ain' nothin ta fuck wit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark D View Post
    Wu Tang Corona ain' nothin ta fuck wit
    Damn straight, brah! you own a DeLorean?

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    I have been reading a lot of stories about this stuff and some are borderline conspiracy in nature.

    1: The location of one of the few in the world (and only one in China) facilities that house the most dangerous of dangerous strains is located right in the middle of Wuhan.

    2 Although the first cases appeared in early December 2019, China did not report the outbreak until months after. During that time (and the Chinese new year), 5 million people have passed through Wuhan. Southampton University was able to track 60,000 (out of 5 million) phone's gps records and used flights at that time frame to determine the possible exposure levels already in place before the first breath of concern came from China's government.

    Let's not forget that China is overwhelmingly state controlled. They are not to be trusted and many believe(with good evidence) the numbers of infected and dead are grossly under reported.

    Forgetting the possibility of outbreak in other nations, the economic repercussions of this turning into a pandemic in JUST CHINA are disastrous for the U.S.
    Most of our goods come from there are you already know, did you know most of our medicines come from there as well? A lot of car parts also comes from China. With many companies shut down and almost everyone quarantined in their home (remember this is a communist state, they pretty much do what they want to their people), factories are no longer producing, shipping companies are working at a fraction of the capacity, and car makers are hastily packing what parts they can fit onto airplanes and getting out what they can just to stay in business a few more weeks (Land Rover namely).

    The ultimate conspiracy? Well that's my own thinking but I will share it:

    This virus was intentionally leaked out to destroy the U.S. economy to give Sanders a fighting chance. Not only have you taken the economy out of Trump's arsenal, but you simultaneously make the case for state run health care.
    You heard it here first. Dmctoday, the leader in news before it happens.
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