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    I have no doubt that Stephen has good intentions and would love to do what he's proposing. From the website updates back in '17 and '18 there were plans to re-manufacture left front fenders with new tooling and designing full custom interiors with new upgraded wiring harnesses. They were also courting several engine suppliers and hoping for a 300+hp powertrain that would meet current EPA emissions guidelines. All the up front cost of that development is what was driving the 100k sticker price.

    One of their main issues though is leaning heavily on vendors to do the engineering and design to make these things happen instead of doing it in house. James or somebody is managing the the project, but most if not all the design work is being farmed out to suppliers that make the parts. DMCH hands them a 40 year old print and says "make me this." In the past they have had some success doing this with simple parts, but have failed hard when the parts involve more in depth knowledge of automotive parts beyond what the drawing shows. The binnacles and dash are good examples where DMCH cut corners by trying to make parts out of injection molded plastic instead of modern materials that could stand up to an automotive environment. Whatever vendor they were using did not spec the materials appropriately for the intended use. Had DMCH gone to an automotive industry specific vendor or for dash panels the tooling and manufacturing costs would have made it impossible to break even unless they sold thousands of units or charged thousands of dollars per dash/binnacle. Either way, there simply isn't a big enough market that can bear the burden of those development costs.

    In the land of reality, I just don't think the business case is there for what is being proposed. I just don't know where they think they are going to find enough buyers for a 100k replica car to cover all of those costs. The 300 cars per year forecast is probably what they would actually need to be profitable. Anything significantly less and they'd never recoup the investment.

    So yeah, what will probably end up happening is they'll build one or two prototypes using existing parts to avoid all the tooling charges, do some one-off hand built custom interior like they did back in the early 2000's. Drop in a crate engine from who knows where and then show it off to the world hoping to drum up interest. When the mass orders never materialize the mass production plans will die. Anyone who does order a "new" one will receive a bespoke build custom to order using donor car as a base, just as it is today with the refurbished cars.
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