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Thread: 9/11 story: Where were you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dead Lesbian Goat View Post
    I tried to stay away from the 9/11 "oh look at me and how reverent I am" FB posts today but a few glasses of Bota box and the Goat comes out.

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    That's a great post.

    Last night I went to the ceremony in the town where I live. I just stole this pic off's a great view that shows our PATRIOTISM, yo!

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    I was 12 at the time, but I remember getting ready for school with the TV on in the background when they said the first plane hit; I thought it was like those ads for Independence Day where they showed the white house being blown up. When they had the TV on at school and showed the second plane hit, I was shocked. When the towers fell, it hit home. when the teacher for my math class wanted to shut it off I yelled at her; saying we were under attack and that we needed to leave the TV on. I got sent to the office for yelling at the teacher, but at the office nobody was focused. They were all watching the news.

    What strikes me the most is that, as it grew in significance and I understood the scope of what happened more and more each year, people forgot and stopped caring in greater measure.
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