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Thread: DMCMW 2019 Open House - June 22nd

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    His beard and build has more testosterone than mine. I can guarantee I have lost more fights but I probably shouldn't be proud of that.

    Hey, on this baton stuff. It's just a stick. A stick on your hip that looks less "mean" than the club they used to use. A stick your PD/Agency can say they gave you as a less-than-lethal option. A stick that will not work against some naked dude high on PCP. He's right about the baton not working. Whack whack whack. Guy keeps coming. Great. You know what? You have to wear it anyway because your agency said so. The more I think about it, the baton is probably more a reaction to spray not working than any other reason. Or they got tired of officers accidentally spraying themselves. Been there.

    The "holds" he demonstrates are cool... and specifically forbidden by policy. So I agree you wouldn't use a baton for that anyway. (Holy shit, do a neck hold with a baton and you better have some good articulation.)

    So now the thing is mandatory tasers in my Agency. I deployed mine once in pursuit and it bounced right off the guy's jacket. Sometimes it's just a matter of habeas grabus no matter what "tools" they give ya!
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    "Habeas grabus" -lol

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