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Thread: Steve and the Goat pick out yachts...the crypto thread

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    Fake news. I'm still holding out for Bitcoin to hit $25k before I sell again. Historically, December has been the best month for crazy surges in Bitcoin prices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dracula View Post
    After profits from previous Bitcoin investments and selling off panels on my DeLorean; I'll be able to say that I bought this car with Bitcoin profits if it hits $25k.
    My account is worth about 6k right now but that's all found money. If I cashed it out I could brag but other than making a few hundred from shorting a few things I kept on the exchange, I really haven't made any money on those cryptically controlled dollas.
    Three rules of DeLorean ownership:
    1: Always use the right tool for the job.
    2: A hammer is always the right tool for the job.
    3: Anything can be used as a hammer.

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