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Thread: For Sale : 1974 Bricklin SV1 # 177

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    For Sale : 1974 Bricklin SV1 # 177

    Hello everyone: Have you ever wanted a gullwing doored sports car that is even more rare than a DeLorean with an additional 100 stock HP? Well here is your chance!!! I am selling Bricklin 177. It is a 1974 with just over 33,000 miles. This one has the automatic transmission found in most 1974 Bricklins. It runs drives and is complete, which sets it apart for the 1,500 - 1,700 Bricklins remaining in existence. Since purchasing #177 in 2016 I have done the following repairs / upgrades:

    1. Full tune-up;
    2. New carb;
    3. New master cylinder, wheel cylinders and rebuilt front calipers;
    4. New carpet (installed foil backed insulation when the carpet was out;
    5. New tires in 2017;
    6. New radiator and heater hoses;
    7. New electric air door compressor;
    8. New wiper motor;
    9. NOS radio; (plus new Pioneer speakers)
    10. New fuel sender;
    11. New rear shocks.
    12. Re-cored radiator.

    Since getting 177 road worthy in 2016 I have put on just over 1,200 miles, including some 70 MPH+ highway miles.

    The good:

    Great glass;
    Great door and dash panels;
    Original seats, bottom of passenger seat has rips, otherwise the seats are in good shape;
    The door skins are well attached to the doorframes;
    Rust free frame
    Acrylic white body (some typical spider cracking on various panels)
    Doors work.

    The leaks!

    Typical Bricklin water leaks around door and hatch seals.
    AC system leaks. It blows ice cold with a fresh 134a charge, but it leaks down quickly. I suspect the compressor is the culprit.
    Air door system leaks down overnight. Doors work great when the system is filled.
    Typical Bricklin panel gaps.
    The vacuum headlights need help to open and close slowly.
    The door latch strikers have been removed.

    Why this car is special:

    Of the three Bricklin production years, only 1974 had the higher horsepower AMC 360 engine as opposed to the Ford 351W which was found in the 1975 and 1976 model years. Of the 2,500 Bricklins originally produced, less than 800 were made in 1974. Based upon the attrition rate, there are probably less than 500 1974 Bricklins left in existence and of those remaining 1974's probably less than 200 are roadworthy. This Bricklin also has the rare early ginger door jambs.

    In summary this a good Bricklin that has the potential for being a great Bricklin. The pictures were taken in May 2018. The car is located in Lansing, Michigan

    Price $9,500.00 or best offer.

    PM me if you are interested.

    DMC 4194, 5052
    Bricklin 177

    Bricklin Left Front 2.jpgBricklin Left Front.jpgBricklin Left Rear.jpgBricklin Right Front.jpgBricklin Right Rear.jpgBricklin Drivers Seat.jpgBricklin Dash.jpgBricklin Engine.jpgBricklin Passenger Seat.jpgBricklin Odometer.jpg

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    Keep it Andrew it's cool! If it wasnt for just buying a house I would be all over this but I think my wife would kill me right now lol. Nice car it will sell.

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    Interested in trading for Atari parts?

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    Jimmy: Thanks for the complement! I would keep it, but 8 cars is just a couple too many. Between work, the house and the rest of the fleet, I am holding #177 back from its full potential.

    LOL Luke: It would certainly be easier to store Atari parts in my basement. Plus I've always been partial to the Atari 7800 :-)

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