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Back pay has been made after each past shutdown. So virtually certain it will again. As I am one of those essential employees, I work anyway so that's fair. What's not really fair is everyone else gets a paid vacay. It bites everyone that you don't get the matching money on your 401k and because you get the back pay all at once you get a huge tax bomb.

I hope he holds out anyway.
Thats what I was thinking. Non-essential employees get a paid vacation. Sucks that you have to work while everyone else is off. It also sucks that you pay is being deferred.

Back when I worked for Siemens, we had to take furlough every year. Most people complained, but I actually enjoyed furlough. We didn't get paid for taking the time off, but it was better than having a pay cut with nothing in return.

The way I looked at furlough was simple, we had a small salary reduction, with an increase in time off. We were only required to take one week off without pay per year, but somehow I managed to convince my manager to let me take off two weeks without pay in addition to the five weeks of PTO I already had that year. I got to see a lot of the planet that year.