If you have a pet that you don't like leaving alone for long periods, get a Pawbo camera. I got the newest one and it's so cool! We are going on vacation and even though I have wireless cams all through the house, the Pawbo lets me interact. I can tune in, call either with built in sounds like meows or birds, etc. or just use the two way voice communication. Yeah I can listen in and talk to my kitty.

What's really cool is the laser pointer game that I can control or put it on auto(which works really well). I can also dispense a treat anytime! I control it all through my smartphone which can overlay a control panel. My kitty loves it! Anytime I turn it on she comes running...probably because she knows there is a treat involved.

I can also snap pics and video. Here it is set up in my living room.

And a few screen shots of my phone control panel(pics and videos don't show controls)

Gracie loves the laser game as you can see. She loves getting a treat when we are away too. The treat tray has 9 slots(9 feedings) which hold 4 or 5 treats each. I just put one treat per slot to keep from overfeeding because I check in on her so much and I like to give her a snack everytime I do.