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Thread: Adjustable Rear upper control arms

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    Adjustable Rear upper control arms

    sometimes you get sick of the bulls&*^ and just gotta take matters into your own hands.

    1st test set made. New nos uppers from Mike and about 90 bucks in turnbuckles, nuts, and weldable inserts. Just over 200 bucks invested, and boom... camber problems solved. No waiting on vendors. Make them yourself, or have them made at a machine shop
    ...very easy to do and any competent machine shop that deals with circle track cars etc. Can do this.

    Lessons learned

    The inserts I ordered where all suppose to be smooth taper and 2 showed up with a stupid hex shape. Doesn't look the best but doesn't compromise integrity as that side was welded anyway so I didn't care. The size shown in the pic is to small . You'll either need to order bigger and mill them down or have a set made.

    The inside of the tube is 1.166" if I remember right and nobody makes a weldable insert that size . My uncle said next time easier to just machine his own inserts out of solid stock instead of milling these to work.

    So if you can weld and want to make your own set of these I would recommend cutting a control arm down the middle and taking it to a machine shop so they can machine you some weldable inserts, then take them home and make the control arm yourself. The turnbuckles and hardware I went with are all 3/4-16, plenty strong for this application. Or just have a local machine shop make them for you.

    Stock upper arm is 8" from bushing center to center. These adjust from about 7 3/4 to well past 9 inches
    Way more range then what is needed. Anyone with a lowered car like mine will need to go longer then stock anyway to fix camber issues .

    Also remember you need 2 sets of left hand thread and 2 sets of right hand thread inserts and nuts so that your turn buckle will actually work and adjust out and in.

    I plan on also making a set of lowers.

    Once I install these on the car I'll post more pics /alignment etc.

    control arms.jpgcontrol arm parts.jpg

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    4,104 more thing for me to add to my "to-do" list -lol.

    I don't remember where these go...looking forward to seeing them installed.

    Nice job, man!

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    Man that is pretty awesome!
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    Thanks guys

    Here is a diagram for Rich lol

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    Those look great

    Do you have the measurements for the bushing widths? I think there might be an off-the-shelf part that fits.

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    I believe it is 1.166" I have to confirm with my Uncle but I couldnt find any.. they were all just either a little to big or a little to small. Might have to look accross the pond

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    I'm thinking I might get a set of custom sized chromemoly adjustable upper links for $250/set from Spohn. They just need to the bolt center distance and bushing width.

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    Yeah that's even easier. Bolt center is 8 inches . I'll have to measure the bushing width

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    Hell at this price its tit for tat . Cost me that much to make my own. If you want simple this spohn thing is the way to go. I might have them make my lowers .

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    I'd be curious to hear if they're willing to build lowers with the necessary offsets. If you contact them, I have 2 OEM lowers sitting here for measurements and could send one in if they want an original to compare.

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