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You don't need to know anything about driving in snow weather, you only need to know that NY uses salt every-friggin-where.
Serious question here. I'm from the south so I really don't know anything about salted roads. I am looking at driving my car to Grady's shop sometime in November or December. I still need to replace my brake lines and I simply don't have time to go up there this month. I'm going to Vietnam in a few days so yeah.

So here is the question. Is it going to hurt my car if I end up driving on salted roads for a day or two? I'm guessing I will be fine, but wanted to see what you boys and girls think about it since yall live up there. I've heard that several of you boys and girls actually park your cars inside during winter, until the snow is gone. My frame is in decent shape, so I'd like to keep it that way.