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Thread: Headed out to buffalo NY area for the weekend

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightFlyer View Post
    Not sure if DMCx still does this for the combo unit, but they used to send/install the units with an external in-line check valve that I sourced upon encountering problems with several of the internal check valves in the combo units, even after DMCH claimed to have 'fixed' the issue....

    I have this same check valve. Works like a champ.

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    Thanks to Rich and Dave I am on the road to KJEt recovery. Probably fix it tomorrow.

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    Finally ordered this check valve . Between the move and job haven't had time . But drove it to work and I think I am having this check valve accumulator leak down issue .

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    I can't remember what size hose clamps are on those fuel lines . 3/8 to 5/8s probably

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