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Thread: Watch Discussion Thread

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    I was going to post a funny meme of Trump himself doing the ripping but Bing hasn't got with the latest media catch phrase. Maybe tomorrow they will have caught up...or maybe Bing was just giving me what it thinks I want to see based on my past searches. I'll try Google next.

    Edit...Success! Thanks Google!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dead Lesbian Goat View Post
    Not separated, "ripped from their parent's loving arms". Please try and keep the truth valid.
    I also forgot to add that they were then placed in a Japanese Internment Camp.
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    Back when Elgin was trying hard to convince the American Public that Wristwatches weren't for the ladies. Get a load of that hairy ass hand. Guy must have gone blind.

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    Somebody take away my damn credit card. This one will be shipped to me from Hong Kong. Admittedly not working, so I will shop around getting it repaired. I have been told that this model was riding the wave of the aviation/Lucky Lindy phenomena. Unlike Gruen, Elgin records exist. This serial number dates to a manufacture year of 1928. 15 Jewels. I offered $75 to seller to put a B.I.N., but he declined, and I paid $50 at the end of the auction.

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