DC is a mean, crowded place full of people who flood in for any number of exhibitions and idiotic protests. People who do stupid stuff like volunteer to bus in mentally ill women to participate in meaningless shouting sessions make traffic congestion particularly miserable.

But I digress. Stop-and-go traffic just becomes a part of your life here and good brakes are essential. You really don't want to leave more than a car length in front of you OR the person behind you may fly into a rage, get around you, cut you off and slam on the brakes. Because that car length really prevented that person from getting home faster, you see.

I went into work at the ass crack of 5 AM and left at 7:15 PM. When I departed, the amount of traffic going into DC was STILL off the hook, so the beltway (read: interstate) was not an option. My route home was therefore the red-light-o-rama of Route One, and I was constantly on the brakes for the next hour. I need a level of unenjoyable concentration for this task, thanks to my stock set up. For sure, I've driven cars with worse brakes than the Delorean. My dad's Volkswagen Fox, for one. What a Brazilian made SHIT HEAP that thing was. The difference was, I wasn't driving that car in *this* shitty environment.

So what I have right now is a relatively new DMCH master and booster, and brake pads which should still be just fine. It sucks butt big time. I'm not asking for modernity, but even 25% better stopping power would make my life easier in the urban jungle. I'd rather drop cash on that than powder coating rims. (What is the obsession with keeping rims so pretty. Damn, just clean them.) Anyway, do the vendors offer big ass upgraded calipers or something? Asking for a friend.