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Thread: Why I don't care for "church folk"

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    It is, and the subject of a whole lot of mental gymnastics from scholars. There is a lot of beauty in the Bible, but also some parts that seem as though they were written by a tiny, hairy guy scratching out titillating absurdies by candlelight -- just for fun. As Bill liked to say back when he posted here, there a lot of non-canon Bible that is pretty entertaining.
    One of my coworkers made it his hobby to seek out the oldest copies of the books of the Bible he can find and compare them to newer versions. It's amazing how much changed over the translations. Much of the core is the same, but some of the satellite topics get changed quite a bit based on the whim of the translator. A big part happened with the King James translation.

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    I missed the book where the Bible discussed Neaderthals.
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    Yeah, Church folk suck
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    My definition of "church folk" is a bit different from what you might think. If it means someone that attends church regularly then that's not it. I am referring to those who will pull one line of text to suit their own viewpoint or bias and ignore the actual message or the context in which is it was placed.
    Church Folk act much differently in church than they do Monday through Saturday
    Church Folk go out to dinner after church on Sunday and treat the server like crap
    Church Folk would deny someone who lives an openly gay lifestyle in their doors

    The above text for example, we have a gay couple that attend our church. Now what true child of Christ will look upon them differently and deny them to hear God's word? It is not our place to deny anyone who is hungry for God no more than the adulterer or the theif or anyone who has sin(which is every single one of us).

    It pissed me off that someone who would live an immoral life of banging every girl he meets to lay judgement on someone who lives a gay lifestyle. Jesus' main message to all of us is to go and make disciples of all people. When the Holy Spirit enters their life then God will work within their hearts to bring every single soul closer to Him. As God's disciples, we are not to judge, we are not to deny God to anyone because we don't see them as worthy to receive the love and the gift of Jesus.

    Almost every person that is in my life who hates church and has no interest in receiving Jesus, feels that way because they have been wronged by "church folk"...not by God. They see how Christians treated them or others and they have decided that these so called Christians are nothing more than a bunch of judgemental holier than thou hypocrites living in an ivory tower looking down on everyone else because they are not perfect like them(or like they think they are). Nobody wants their sin shoved down their throat by someone just as bad as they are, and that in a nutshell is why Jesus is hated...because He forces you to look at yourself and you are convicted by the Holy Spirit (some may call that a conscience). That's the job of Jesus to change people, not Church Folk.

    I am just as guilty as anyone. I had a burning addiction to gambling at one time. I played the field a lot in my younger years(I loved older women when I was in my 20s), I was less than honest, I was a lot of bad things and still try to cope and still fall short(and always will). My walk will always see me stumble and fall, but when we decide to start that journey we will always try to walk toward God and never away. All I can say is there are a lot of Church Folk that will take their responsibility to make disciples and use it to propel their own self righteous glory, and people will suffer because of it.

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