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Thread: Sexual Harassment Snowball continues downhill

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    Did someone say trans?

    I'm in!

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    If I'm not groped post haste, I will be filing suit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sedated View Post
    I get nothing. Most women my age think I'm a kid (last summer took my parents to dinner at Longhorn. Ordered a beer. Waitress leaned over to my dad and whispered "Is he old enough for that?"). I just turned 35 for the record. Most younger women aren't interested because I'm fat and not interested in the things they like. Even as a real kid, I'd go to parties for a friend's birthday or something and his sister or cousins would never flirt or talk to me. His mother and Aunt would though, not in a Mrs Robinson way but in a "Aww I want to squeeze his cheeks and have him tell me adorable stories" way. I've never had a gay guy flirt with me either.

    I apparently have none of the game that others here have.

    Careful what you wish for....Michael is lurking around here!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dead Lesbian Goat View Post
    Did someone say trans?

    I'm in!

    See what I mean?!

    Full disclosure: any(most) stories I post are from years ago when I was in my prime, and a muthafucking savage.

    Anybody remember Uzo? (From the Howard Stern show many years ago.) She touched me without permission on a train in NYC, and made comments about my butt....true story.

    (*edited for clarity and fact recollection.)

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