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Thread: 1269's Getting Stolen From Me

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    This is why you can never have too much documentation. When I purchased a vehicle, I always get a notarized bill of sale. Its a little headache to find a notary, but its always less than $50 and they make sure the title is signed over correctly as well.

    Another thing I do, which isn't popular, is I make sure the full purchase price is listed on the bill of sale and title. If I paid $20k for a car, I put $20k on the paperwork. It sucks paying the taxes but I see it as my contribution to society. I didn't serve in the military, so I consider that to somewhat balance things out.

    I do however take advantage of every single tax deduction I can get come income tax time.

    Putting the full purchase price on your title can help too if there are problems down the road. Lets say you get in a car accident and the vehicle is totaled. If you don't have the full purchase price of the vehicle on your paperwork, and insurance company could use the lower number to lowball your insurance claim.

    I know the personally. Someone I know purchased a custom built van that had a wheelchair ramp for $13,000. They put $3,000 on the paperwork. The vehicle was totalled a couple of years later and if I remember correctly, they only got a few thousand dollars for the claim. Had they put the correct value on the title and paid their taxes, they could have justified a higher value for the claim.

    End of rant. Sorry to hear the mess with your mother. Its a shame that more families can't just get along.
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    I hope this all works out for but if you can't get her sign off on the title go put a lien on so if she sells she has to pay you off.

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    Ouch! I just saw this thread. It really sucks when people, specially family pulls these kinds of nasty tricks. Definately find out what you can do through the DMV, or even a lawyer.
    Hope you can get it all sorted and get her off the title.

    Do give some updates, curious to know how this pans out for you.

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