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    Black Interior

    Dreaming of a black interior uses less brain chemicals
    I sometimes see that retinal-burn effect
    when I suddenly wake
    up dreaming of something bright.
    I can keep blinking my
    eyes in a mostly dark room and still see an after-image of
    the dream like it made spots
    from a camera flash.
    If you ever want to try it, next time you know you are dreaming,
    dream of a very bright sunset and
    you are looking directly
    into it. Then quickly wake yourself up and open your eyes.
    I do it, and I see an after-burn image
    just like I looked at
    a REAL sunset.
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    The Black Interior of DeLorean

    It is a total eclipse
    Warmly embracing you into the cold spectre
    To sit and become one, but still so isolated
    Many see, yet few experience

    The engine fire consumes...Devouring all.
    Chris Burns into the soul....your soul
    The Black Interior beckons for your presence..the heat of kjet forces you away
    From afar I still feel the fire. The cold burning fire of the total eclipse
    Starvation, overpopulation, pollution, global warming, communisim,...all's fault

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    Stupid broken car
    Money wasted goes nowhere
    DeLorean for sale
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    Nice try but Walter Coe possesses superior artistry.
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