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Thread: How many DeLoreans got totaled this year?

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    How many DeLoreans got totaled this year?

    Not to be a C. Burns DeLorean destruction vulture, but on FB there were some pics of exotics that were flooded by the hurricanes, with more than one DeLorean pictured. I wonder, especially with such close proximity to the DMC vendors (ie., lots of personal D's probably reside within a few hundred miles of the vendor locations), how many cars do you think were totaled out? I know a few owners posted about the fate that struck their own cars, but as we all know, a lot of owners stay away from the forums.

    Probably no real way of finding out, it was just a thought. Maybe in the long run the number will be close to zero as those cars will no doubt be rebuilt. I mean really what's a little saltwater going to do to Lucas electronics? Make it worse?
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    It does seem like a higher number than average...the one in the freeway wreck in Utah comes to mind as well. Rough year...

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