Years after doing a Robertson conversion or doing an upgrade on your car, stuff just hangs around. This is my effort to get rid of that stuff. I put one thing you might want in a USPS Priority Mail box, and since it's one price for shipping, I shove extra junk in there just because. All sales AS/IS, parts not guaranteed to do a damn thing. Prices are firm. If you want them, you can either paypal or just send me a personal check in the mail. If your check is bad I will shame the shit out of you. I can be trusted, I'm assuming you can be too. Parts get sent when funds clear. If you hassle the hoff, I'll probably get all Hervey and scream, "I'm a one man shop! It's a hard job!" So let's get on with it because my time is valuable.

Box 1:

Throttle tubes. DMCH wants $267.79 for these famous PRV "horns." You'll also see a side closing plate, an old coil, assorted crap. I'll take $80 shipped for all of it.


Box 2:

Not sure why anyone would want this box lot, it's admittedly the crappiest one of the bunch. Charcoal canister and bracket: No real reason for anyone to want it, but both these parts ARE out of stock/unobtanium from DMCH. So consider that. Maybe you've always wanted to dissect one? Breathe in official euro charcoal? On the other hand, there's also a complete throttle control and bobbin, which DMCH would want $58 and $67 for, respectively. I think the other thing is a pipe of agony and I forget what the other thing is. Let's say $45 for all, shipped.


Box 3:

Taillight boards. They worked, I upgraded to the newer boards. I can't be bothered to look up want DMCH wants for old taillight boards or if they are even selling them. $45 shipped.


Box 4:

Catalytic Converter. I don't know that I've ever seen someone sell one. Barely fits in their large box. Buy this, harvest the platinum, retire. DMCH wants $595. I'll take $190 shipped. Also contains to two exhaust brackets of dubious usefulness.