I am selling the following parts from a recently removed K-Jet system. This includes some evap control and lambda components as well. To my knowledge, all parts are in working order; however, I was never able to get my cold start issues resolved (open loop) so take that information into account as you will. I had pressure checked everything and set the CO with a dwell prior. I will gladly answer any questions. All parts are located in the Dallas, TX area (75089 zip code). I have cross-referenced parts to store.delorean.com and discounted 50% or more in most cases. All reasonable offers will be entertained. All parts are in used condition with some being purchased in the past few years. Pictures of the parts are available upon request. Asking prices do not include shipping. I prefer check, money order, or chase quickpay. If possible, I would like to avoid paypal. Thanks for looking!

Intake manifold - $300 OBO
Fuel distributor - $200; Purchased from DPI in 2015 from a running car per Josh.
Fuel injectors - $25 each; I believe I have around 10 of them... Make me an offer on the lot if you want them all.
Fuel line kit - $100; This is a complete set of fuel lines. I will include the banjo bolts but you will need new copper crush washers. All of the lines are braided stainless with red transparent tubing around them, sans the supply and return lines which have clear tubing over the braids. This set was purchased new from DPI in December 2013 and has had very little use. You can see them installed on my car here: http://dmctx.blogspot.com/2016/03/st...em-demons.html
Idle speed motor - $50 each. I have 2 of these. One has some slightly bubbling on the bottom rubber case from heat but both work to the best of my knowledge.
Complete mixture assembly - $200. Upper and lower assembly complete with the butterfly valve
Upper mixture assembly only - $50
Throttle spool - $100. Does not include the WOT switch(es)
Frequency valve - $100. Buzzed last time I used the system. Believed to be in working order
Cold start valve - $50. Complete assembly
Warm up regulator - $100. Purchased from DMC-Midwest in 2015 or thereabouts. Tested with pressure tester kit between this and the fuel dist. Readings were OK so assuming this is a working part.
Vacuum delay solenoid - $25; (DMC Part # 101116)
Vacuum delay valve - $35; (DMC Part # 102410)
Fuel pump - $50. OEM style; purchased new from DPI circa 2014.
Fuel pump boot - $25. Purchased from DMCH in 2014
All other fuel tank components (internal) - $100. Includes baffle, rubber pickup hose, pump cover seal, metal return line (tank park only) - $35
Carbon canister - $10. This thing is kinda old and ratty looking... might end up in the trash if nobody wants it.
Idle speed ECU - $150; (DMC Part # 106896)
Microswitch - $25. (DMC part # 102778 )
Steering wheel - $50. Core part; needs to be recovered with leather. Make me an offer. Tired of it sitting on my shelf.

I may add some more parts to this listing as I find them in my garage.