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Thread: Thanks Trump

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    Exactly. I work in a center with 6 huge TVs blaring nonstop so I can watch simultaneously. CNN is all Trump hate all day, no matter what. That's their message and little to nothing will make them break away from it. Absolutely despicable. Oh, and Wolf Blitzer insisting that the attack in Charlottesville and the attack in Spain are virtually the same. The FCC needs to take CNN off the air.
    Charlottesville was the protestors blocking traffic. That's probably what set the guy off to try to run though them.
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    Oh how it must have stung. Here I was yesterday morning upon hearing the news that Trump would most likely be going to prison and his whole immediate family going with him only to find out it's another jump the gun fake news story...and to boot the tax plan actually got passed last night! Talk about rubbing salt in my fresh wound!

    Crap...looks like not only is our president a decent human being but America is going to be great again and just in time for Christmas. How awful must it be to be a liberal right now.

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    I've never understood people. Even when President Obama was in office, idiots would say "Obama is not my President". News flash, even if you didn't vote for him, he was still your President providing you are/were a USA citizen. And the working class suffered because he was their President. Just ask Dead Lesbian Goat how much he is paying for health insurance.
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