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Thread: Started work on 1269

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeLoreanGirl View Post
    For the moment, I'm mainly focusing on cosmetics:

    Trim panel started drooping/ falling out every time I opened or closed the passenger door; it was a case of missing fir trees, so I ordered a pack of those along with the sidestripe

    Fiberglass around passenger's side striker pin has been repaired and repainted: Attachment 9144
    Dash crack has been repaired and dash is currently getting repainted: Attachment 9145
    Door sills looked filthy and dusty no matter how many times I cleaned them so I repainted those as well: Attachment 9146Attachment 9147
    You can replace the fir trees with super strong magnets and the panels will hold quite nicely. And it makes it easier to remove the panel when you have to do work inside the door. I did this on my car.

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    Thanks, that's a really great idea!
    Angela N.

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