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Thread: Complete BAE System: Removed 10/2016

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    Complete BAE System: Removed 10/2016

    I have a complete BAE Turbo system that I removed from 4194 when I did a carburetor conversion in October 2016. I put a few thousand miles on this system last year alone and drove it from Lansing Michigan to the 2014 DCS in Dayton OH without incident.

    The system is in used condition, but it is complete. I rebuilt the turbo in the summer of 2014. However, the diaphragm in the wastegate needs to be rebuilt / replaced. The exhaust outlet pipe from the turbo had a rust hole, which I had repaired by a local welding shop.

    As somebody researching this kit already probably knows, the BAE system has been unavailable for decades.

    I'm content with it sitting on my shelf, but if somebody wants it I would sell it for $750 plus shipping from Lansing, Michigan.

    I'll add a picture of the exhaust.

    PM me if interested.

    BAE System.jpg

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    Color me interested. Can I pay at the DMCMW Open House?
    -Chad K.
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