My latest project was to convert a junk-yard sourced Jaguar ASI radio to a DeLorean ASI radio. While I originally thought that the only difference was the face plate, knobs and trim, it turns out that the shaft spacing is different as well. The face plates and trim are available from DMCH; however the knobs are NLA, thus it was necessary to reuse the Jaguar knobs. Interestingly, ASI made the Jaguar unit so compact that the left shaft can not be moved outward unless a small plate on the housing of the radio is removed. I will custom fab a plate eventually. However, aside from the knobs this unit will, on the surface, look like a stock unit.


Jaguar ASI.jpg



Additionally, the Jaguar plug is different, but I have a spare Craig style plug that I can graft over from a old Koss cassette deck.