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Thread: Train Horns

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    Train Horns

    Has anyone actually put those air/train horns in their DeLorean? I've been thinking about them for both my D and my daily driver Subaru Impreza too. Stock horns aren't cutting it in these parts, people are frickin' nuts and deaf.

    Given my history of people ramming my ass and the sheer proximity of most tailgaters, I am also looking into rear-facing horns, possibly supplied by the same air source as the front for simplicity. Makes a far bigger point when brakes are backed up by a horn in your face vs. a horn you can barely hear!!!

    Biggest questions are:
    - "Stealth" mounting locations (not on outside or in cabin -- engine bay, front trunk, undercarriage, all fair game!)
    - Non-tank options (seems nearly every unit requires an outside air reserve, none are simply plug-and-play for some reason)

    I've wondered too if air/train type horns can be matched in volume without going pneumatic, i.e. if a traditional "electrical" horn can match the sheer volume of an air horn. So far I haven't found any. Still looking though.

    (Just for clarity, I am not just being "paranoid". My radio allows for viewing the rear camera at any given time, and on occasion I have used it and seen cars with HALF a car length between me and them at 75+ MPH!!! I have also watched as I slow down gradually and they cut it to a QUARTER by 65 MPH! This happens very frequently, most of these guys are just future Darwin victims, seriously. Anything I can do to avoid the role of Darwin is desired)
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    I've split the unnecessary confrontational posts from this thread. Let's keep this thread (and forum for that matter) from being an all-out attack against other members

    For the record, this has happened three times to me already:
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    Let's stop with the unnecessary harassing from the peanut gallery who haven't even had a brand new car totaled before.

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