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It's too damn cold outside, so decided to stay indoors and put Farrar's carb back together. When I took his carb apart, I discovered the accelerator pump spring was installed backwards. I believe he had help from other forum members the last time this thing was apart. For the sake of your all's accuracy, this is wrong (taper towards the inlet valve) -- it pushes against the inlet valve, preventing the chamber from filling with gas (that red piece of rubber is the inlet valve):

Attachment 8637

This is correct (taper towards the pump diaphragm):

Attachment 8638

There's a recess cast into the carb body that holds the wide bottom of the spring.

Bill Robertson
I finally got around to taking my carb apart. Looks like I know how to rebuild a carb after all.

My memory seems to be correct. I offered to rebuild Farrar's carb after dissembling it but he chose to let it soak overnight and rebuild it himself the next day. He made the mistake, not me.

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