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Thread: Unique DeLorean Factory Sign

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    Moved this to the "For Sale" section and adjusted the name for more exposure

    This is actually really, really cool. I didn't even know such a thing existed! Will be interested to see who nabs it, and whether or not they choose to restore it too. Honestly, I can see this making its way to a vendor, state-side OR in the UK -- you might want to try getting a hold of PJ Grady UK or DMC UK (or whatever they're called now), even if they don't want it, they may very well know someone who does.

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    That is pretty cool and no doubt an easy fix to make it work again.
    Do you have a better picture of just the graphic?

    It's a bold move to manufacture rarely used transmission filters for a rarely used car, but then again I'm a bold guy......Is "bold" the right word?

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    That's a good point. Although I'd advise against attaching it here if you're after high-res due to the attachment process shrinking pictures like mad. Imgur might be one option, or I could host it on my server if you want, I'm sure some of the other guys would want that too given its historical significance.

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