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Thread: Delorean to be Raffled on May 5th in Houston

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    Delorean to be Raffled on May 5th in Houston

    There will be a Delorean that will be raffled off on May 5th in Houston. This raffle is to benefit Nora's Home, a non-profit organization set up to help families who come to the Houston medical center involved with transplants. Nora's House provides housing, transportation, parking and other services for families. The Delorean was donated to help raise finds for this charity. Their website is

    The Delorean is a gray automatic 1981 with a Stage II engine with 39,000 miles. The car has been upgraded and was recently serviced at DMC in Houston.

    Tickets are $50 each. They can be purchased online at

    You don't have to be present to win.

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    Do they have pics of the car itself? Both pics show the "standard" DeLorean shot that I've seen a million different places including above my bed on a poster, so I'm thinking that isn't the same one.

    Being a DeLorean guy, I naturally have to ask too: "upgraded" means? (I'm suspecting Stage II/suspension based on what's listed, just confirming).

    I'm going with at least two tickets myself. Good to see you around these parts!

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    Stickied the thread so it doesn't get lost until the raffle's over.

    (Might move it to a different sub-forum later)

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