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Thread: hood 2 edition, grooves with no gas flap

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    hood 2 edition, grooves with no gas flap

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a hood with grooves and no gas flap.

    anyone have one?

    please let me know..
    thanks bye

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    Welcome to DMC Today!

    Where are you located? Even a rough area will help greatly in figuring out who is close to you. A large part like a hood is incredibly difficult to ship for any reasonable price.

    (I don't have a spare hood myself, but we can point you to some guys that might have what you need in your area once we know where that is )

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    The last one I saw for sale went for 1,200.00 but it was perfect. I am still mad at myself for not buying it because the guy would have delivered it for free since he was pretty close to me.

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    thanks, I'm from Italy, but I've a contact in Miami FL that can receive and send me it to my home, if there are 2 edition hoods available I'm interested.

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