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Thread: Alternator upgrade options

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    Alternator upgrade options

    Over time I have added a larger radio, more speakers, phone charging ports, upgraded fans for the radiator, an amp, a flux capacitor (my version anyway,) etc. with more lighting on the way.
    What is the spec on the original alternator, and what is a good suggestion for an "over engineered" effort so I don't drive around in discharge mode and ultimately get stuck when the battery can't keep up.

    Any thoughts on how to kill this problem definitively?

    VIN 0911

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    I ran a lot of that on the original Motorola 90. 600W+ stereo, MSD ignition, lots of other add-on electrical devices. All with original (high amp) fans and a cheap battery.

    VIN 0911 would have had the 80A ducy originally but not many of those lasted.

    Unless you're going to run A LOT of lighting or make some kind of drastic changes, just about anything 90+ should be fine. I'm currently running a 105A CS130 with no issues.
    -Luke / 10270 / Turbo / EFI

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    Thank you!

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