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Thread: Move AC Console Vents for Radio with Fold out Screen

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    Move AC Console Vents for Radio with Fold out Screen

    I'm thinking about this receiver with a fold out touch screen.
    But I don't want it blocking the air vents when the radio opens.
    If the area is deep enough I want to move the vents where the radio is, and move the radio to the top.
    Then, when the screen unfolds, the screen won't block anything. It's also possible the radio may need to stick out the back and I may need to fashion something to make it appear finished.

    The other option that I don't like a much is to intentionally block the vents, and add air registers under the instrument gauge and something similar for the passengers.
    You can see something similar here.



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    Curious, what's the intent of the fold-out screen? There's likely a better solution to what you're after. Backup cameras can be integrated into the rearview mirror, for example. They do make fold-down versions, but you'd need to retract the screen a bit to access the controls for these. Still better than blocking airflow and possibly risking damage to the screen due to the temperature difference.

    See here:

    Personally, I'm still planning on a double-DIN conversion and moving the vents to the knee pads. Shouldn't be terribly hard, there's already ductwork there for the vents in the doors (which I'll be blocking off and re-purposing also). It just requires some custom work on the main HVAC box.

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    I'm going to go with a Dual Din unit, move the vents to the knee pads. Thanks Shep.

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