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Thread: 2017 15-month DeLorean Calendar

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    2017 15-month DeLorean Calendar

    Now available: the 2017 DeLorean Calendar that I have been working on: Zazzle - DeLorean 15-month Calendar for 2017

    Each month features a different car and all pictures were submitted by DeLorean owners and enthusiasts. we had enough submissions that I was also able to make this calendar a 15-month version that will go through March of 2018!

    I have moved production from Cafe Press to Zazzle because of the greater customization that they allow. You can choose from one of 3 different sizes:
    • Small: 5.5 l x 7 w
    • Medium: 8.5 l x 11 w
    • Large: 11 l x 14.25 w

    They also allow for locale and language customization, so you can choose English UK, and get a calendar that shows Boxing Day and other UK holidays, or choose Germany and get Tag der Deutschen Einheit and others. (I may have to get a German one just for fun).

    Zazzle also offers a money back guarantee. See for details.

    Finally, I am going to donate 100% of the profits from these calendar sales to a fellow owner who just lost 2 DeLoreans in a house fire.

    If you buy one, please post and let me and others know what you think!

    Thanks much!


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    OK, let's try this again.

    I have found a new service to host the calendars. Please visit to view the 2 different sizes. They have already reviewed and approved all images, so hopefully there will be no more problems with the calendar disappearing!

    There are 2 sizes available, a standard 8.5" x 11" (11" wide by 17" long when opened) for $17.50 and an oversized 11" x 14" (14" wide by 22 inches long when opened) for $24.00.

    It appears that for shipping (US based at least) that the shipping costs are $5.99. I am not sure what international would work out to, but believe that you can combine orders to save on shipping.

    These folks unfortunately do not offer international holiday options, so the calendar has US holidays included.

    I am going to order one myself this afternoon and will post some photos once it is received.

    Thanks, and sorry again for the mess up With Zazzle . . .

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