Good day all! I am pleased to announce the availability of a project that I have been working on most of the year: An updated DeLorean Dealership Poster for 2016.

The posters will be $75 each (to include shipping in the continental US - for other locations, let me know and we can figure that out).

The poster is 3/4 the size of original poster produced by DMC, but is still pretty large at 30 inches by 45 inches and printed at 300DPI for a crystal clear image. These posters are printed on high-quality glossy paper from a professional poster manufacturer and are designed to last a lifetime.

I am producing a limited edition run of just 50 of these posters, and they will each be numbers, signed and dated and will include a certificate of authenticity.
Pictures below show the original poster to compare to the updated version (will be printed without the "PROOF" watermark).

Additional images show the detail of the poster at full resolution (assuming they are not compressed by Google Photos):

the original poster:

And the Certificate of authenticity that will be included with each poster:

Interested? Shoot me an email at and I will provide payment information and add you to the production list.

Questions? Comments? (please be nice), please post them below.

Not enough to entice you to buy a poster? How about some of the money going to what I feel is a very good cause? I am going to offer 50% of the profit that I make on all of these posters to Ron Wester and family who just lost part of their home and 2 awesome DeLoreans to a house fire.

Last note: The stylized DeLorean logo is a registered trademark of the DeLorean Motor Company and is used with permission.