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Thread: new member here.... 1981 DMC with 1,248 miles

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    Dude. That's awesome. Almost too good to be true. What other toys did he leave in that garage?
    He sold off a lot of his other cars/items in the garage several years ago to make room for business related items he needed to store in there.

    A 35,000mi Delorean remains. My grandmother wants to hang on to it a while.. I think its a sentimental thing.
    Silver cloud Rolls Royce will remain for now

    Collection already sold off are a '67 RS-SS convertible Camaro, Model T, 1953 ford car, '52 Ford Pickup, '76 Bell Jet Ranger, old corvette & few other cool toys

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    Well... its been over a year since my last post... finally got news that things appear to be free'd up & I've been given the go-ahead to pickup the delorean and transport back to Tennessee to begin its road to putting it back on the road. I'm super excited to have my papaws car on the road again since the 1st time in over 30 years!

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    Awesome! I hope you document the story for us. This would be one of the coolest DeLorean stories.

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