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Thread: BMidd eBay Seller

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    BMidd eBay Seller

    I wanted to share something with the community. Please delete if not allowed.

    Recently I purchased some rear bumper lettering so it would look silver. I bought it off eBay from a seller BMidd (Bert Middleton).

    When the item got here, it was inferior quality and would not adhere to the bumper.

    I contacted the seller and not only was he not helpful about it, he was rude and condescending and told me he "didn't care about negative feedback" and wasn't going to do anything about it.

    Finally I started a case with eBay, they were awesome, they looked at the messages between BMidd and I, saw where I tried to resolve the issue and where he wouldn't help. They made the decision right there and sent me a label to send the item back and they issued the refund.

    Then in anger, he left me feedback saying I was an eBay deadbeat, etc. I called eBay and they removed that comment as well.

    I wanted everyone to be aware as he sells a decent amount of (clearly homemade) decals.

    **Also, I'd be happy to post the conversations between us if need be

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    Thank you for the honest review. I sure will stay away from this seller.
    Now we’ve had just ‘bout enough of that !

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    Was it actual stainless lettering?

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    $10 gets you your choice of white or fascia-matching grey from thr Fort Worth DeLorean club. I've been running the fascia ones for probably at least a year or two, and even with the crappy install (didn't use soap to wash it first, didn't quite make it in one of the holes), they show zero signs of coming off. I've been so impressed with the look, I'm getting my rear fascia repainted and will include the bumper letters so I don't have to worry about vinyl anymore.


    Also have a fairly decent radio harness extension if you need it. Great for hooking up an aftermarket radio to your car or just repairing the stock harness, even both.

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    $10 gets you your choice of white or fascia-matching grey vinyl letters from the Fort Worth club. Been running the grey ones for years now, even with a botched, misaligned, and dirty install, they're holding strong years later.


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