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Thread: Torsion Bar Issue

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    Torsion Bar Issue

    So my drivers side torsion bar is set waaay to high, and when we went to adjust it we found the 3/8" socket on the back of the bar to be all stripped out...I cant adjust it. How in the world do I get the old bar out to replace it with it being under tension? Just prop the door open and cut it? I don't want to cause more damage...
    Kolin Brown
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    If you pull the T panel, you can prop the door a little past vertical. When I did that there was very little tension still on the bar. So the holding bracket did not hit the rear window when the bracket was unbolted.

    No you may want to make a tool to hole the bracket so you can remove the bolts without twisting force on the bracket.
    Dave M vin 03572

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    torsion bar fix

    I had the same issue. I made a simple adapter out of square tubing. I rotated my door beyond vertical like Dave recommended. With the door in that position It was a one man job.


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