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Thread: WTB: Original Defogger Switches

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    Flat rates and first class rates are the same to all 50 states and territories.

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    Yup, indeed it is! I want to say USPS Flat Rate was restricted to the lower 48 when it first came out, but IF that was ever the case, they've since dropped that restriction. Guaranteed 3-day delivery to Hawaii for $6.18? Hell for that price I'll do it just to be a part of the shipping revolution. I still remember when they shipped things there by boat.

    Should be arriving there Monday. Didn't get a response to the PM I sent with tracking info, but I forgot to mention one thing: it's inside one of the balls of newspaper. I put it right in the middle and crumpled the paper up around it -- please do NOT pitch the newspaper until you've located the switch! I do that far too often myself (force of habit by now), and didn't even realize I did that until after it was picked up. Although I did make sure to use two separate days of comics for your reading pleasure. Didn't want to bore you with sports or politics if you like reading the packaging materials!

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    Thanks very much Shep. I didn't see a notification about the tracking. I look forward to sharing the result of my project if it works out the way I think it should.

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