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Thread: This place needs code fixes

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    'm on a Galaxy S7 running the latest Android OS available to Verizon, and am using the latest Chrome browser available. Outdated software is not an issue.

    In portrait mode, if I click on one part of the screen, it takes my click and runs in a different direction. In my PM inbox, I literally cannot select my first message without getting the right sliver of the page. When editing posts, if I mis-click on the text field, it deletes my post without warning nor confirmation. This has happened twice now, so I know it's not a fluke.

    Frankly, as a web developer with 5+ years of experience and a plethora of known programming languages (last count was around 20), I am offering my services to fix the user experience for free, because I like this place and want to improve it. I would like to work with one or more of the admins to make sure everything I do is audited (no monkey business here), and that I can explain exactly what my code changes do (which will be fully documented in the code by the way) but I never heard back from Steve on the PM I sent him, so I thought I'd make my offer public.

    I don't need any special privileges to do this bear in mind. It's all code, not moderation. Nothing that goes on behind closed doors will be visible to me, and I am NOT requesting nor wanting database access. I don't want anyone pointing the finger at me if posts are deleted, edited, reassigned, etc. or things go haywire. I'm just a fixer, not a screwer.

    Although about that, I may be able to find a way to simply archive deleted posts so if someone mass-deletes, it's recoverable. Would take up a negligible amount of database space to do so, and I can guide Steve on how to review it and give him scripts to run to make the required database changes for it. Would come in handy for me too in case I accidentally delete a post that I didn't mean to delete again.

    Getting long, so I'll just say this place is broken on mobile and I'm hoping you guys would be okay with letting me fix it
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    Get in touch with Steve - he's the big cheese around here.

    I wouldn't even know where to start addressing the issues you describe....
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    I hate to say it, but the forum is working perfect on my galaxy s5.

    If something is wrong for others though, we should fix it.

    I'm certainly not the big cheese, ill have to check with Michael. But I'm game with giving shep all the passwords and administrative rights.

    On this forum we trust people. Ask Farrar. Lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevedmc View Post
    I'm game with giving shep all the passwords and administrative rights.

    On this forum we trust people. Ask Farrar. Lol
    With my track record of accidentally deleting my own posts, I certainly wouldn't recommend giving me admin rights. Can you imagine the havoc if I delete a post someone spent hours crafting?!

    On the other hand, I do miss the days where I ran the joint. Different forum, long time ago (back in my college days). Although that was with a bunch of bickering, immature, adolescent males...

    So basically same diff!!!

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    Has to do with portrait mode I think. Just had another one bite the dust from one foul misclick when trying to scroll...

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    Actually, it's the mobile theme as a whole. Checked the "Request Desktop Site" option, zero issues. Any chance we can install some custom mobile themes? Nothing fancy, just a functional one for mobile.

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